Blog Introduction

Each and every new year it becomes a labor of love for me to start up a new blog and see what comes of it. Last years blog focused on art while the year prior was about film making. This year I’m going to shift my focus away from the arts and pay my attention to more “down-to-earth” subjects like gardening, self-reliance and sustainability.

Just today, Mike Adams posted an article where he declares 2015 to be the “year of self-reliance”. In the article he goes over nine bullet points explaining why he thinks 2015 is the year for people to learn how to become self-reliant and move away from dependency. He goes on to say that it’s about more than just preparedness. It’s about living sustainability and in harmony with the land.

This is exactly what this blog is set out to do.

Remember that this is a learning experience for both of us. I don’t claim to be the know-it-all of sustainability, gardening or anything of that nature. I am however, dedicated to improving the lives of ordinary people in whichever way I can.

So I hope you come along with me and support my blog in whatever way that you can. I’ll be posting something new each and every Friday and giving you valuable information that will help you save money, become more sustainable and self-reliant and create a brighter future for many generations to come.

Until next week,